Donate today and help kids in care achieve their dreams​​​​​​​

National Pyjama Day is all about wearing your favourite and comfiest Pyjamas or onesie to work or school to help raise funds and awareness for children in foster care.


The aim of of the day is to raise as much funds as possible for The Pyjama Foundation's Love of Learning Program which is offered to children in foster care.

Without support and early intervention, many children in foster care go through a cycle of disadvantage; many kids in care don't end up finishing school and can either end up homeless, unemployed, a new parent or enter the juvenile justice system.

To break this cycle of disadvantage, education is crucial - so The Pyjama Foundation's mission it to ensure as many foster kids as possible receive that one-on-one learning support that they don't often receive in a school-based setting. 

Without funding, The Pyjama Foundation wouldn't be able to offer this program free to children in foster care. 

When you donate this year, you are helping one more child in care realise their full potential in life despite a difficult start.

What else can you do to help?

  • Encourage your friends to donate
  • Share this page with your friends on your social media
  • Get your workplace involved by sharing on LinkedIn!
  • And don't forget to share your best Pyjama Day photos
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How your donation can make a difference:

$50 allows us to purchase puzzles and board games

$100 will help us provide two training kits to Pyjama Angels

$500 will enable us to recruit, screen, train and support a Pyjama Angel who will be matched with a child in care